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Your search for a kindergarten, play school, preschool, or nursery in Indore is over right now. Our goal at Radiant Pre School is to offer the ideal day-care option since we know what’s vital to both parents and kids.

Radiant International School Indore

Radiant Preschool is a unique research based endeavor of some of the most prominent active academicians from IIT and IIM graduates. Our Programs incorporated dynamics classroom introduction with caring, qualified teacher and enriched indoor and outdoor play experiences.

The foundation of Radiant Pre School Indore is the firm conviction that a child’s youth is priceless. It is intended to be appreciated and enjoyed. The first four years of childhood are the most formative, according to extensive research. During this time, tremendous learning and crucial mental and cognitive development take place. The youngster has a remarkable capacity to absorb knowledge and develop at a fascinating rate during these years. We design our programmes to develop each child’s social, aesthetic, and motor skills. We create developmentally appropriate, activity-based learning for young children.

Admissions Open

Admissions open for the current academic year, Call +91-9589511177 for more details or visit the school premises.

Our Philosophy

Through individualised learning and time-based plans, we aim to help every kid reach his or her potential. Each child has a unique set of skills, interests, and learning styles, which we acknowledge. Children are eager to learn in a HAPPY environment that is created by a strong team of mentors and support personnel.

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Our Group

Since our instructors are the child’s first official trainers in life, they are extremely important in forming the child’s habits, demeanour, and character.

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One of the Best Preschool & Day Care Facilities in Indore is Radiant Pre School. We are enrolling; get in touch with us.

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Early Childhood Education Is the Key to the Betterment of Society.

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