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Pre Nursery School in Indore

(2 years to 3 years)

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Pre-Nursery, also known as the “Toddler” stage is a critical time for children between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. During this stage, children are developing their cognitive, physical, and social skills at a rapid pace.

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In a Pre-Nursery program, children will participate in a variety of activities designed to foster their growth and development. These activities may include:

In a Pre-Nursery program, the focus is on play-based learning and giving children the opportunity to explore and learn through hands-on experiences. The teachers are trained to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can thrive.

If you are looking for a Pre-Nursery program for your child, it is important to research different programs and visit the facilities to ensure that they provide a safe and stimulating environment that is appropriate for your child’s needs and development.You can contact your Radiant Pre School Indore for more information.


Play-based learning

Children will engage in activities such as dress-up, building blocks, and imaginative play. These activities help to develop their fine motor skills and creativity.


Language development

Children will be exposed to a variety of language-rich experiences, such as story time and singing, to help them develop their vocabulary and communication skills.


Sensory activities

Children will engage in activities that stimulate their senses, such as painting, playing with play dough, and exploring different textures. This helps to develop their cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities.


Physical activities

Children will participate in activities that promote gross motor development, such as climbing, running, and playing with balls. This helps them to build strength and coordination.



Children will have opportunities to interact with other children and adults. This helps them to develop their social skills and learn to work and play in a group.