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Annual Sports Day 2023-24 at Radiant International School

Annual Sports Day 2023-24 at Radiant International School

“All work and no play make Jack a dull Kids”,

An apt quote to instil a spark of willingness and excitement among our kids. Hence in Radiant International School to kindle the spirit of sportsmanship among the budding stars of our school, we ventured into various

Sports events on 25th January 2024 on the occasion of our third Annual Sports Day 2023-24 with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere.

Sports day at the pre-primary level is not about competition. It is about having fun, being physically active, and learning the basics of sports and building coordination and motor skills, to allow the little angels to display their self-confidence, patience and sportsmanship.

The Annual Day 2023-24 programme began with a formal welcome to the esteemed

Gathering of chief guest OUR SAFAI DIDI from Indore Nagar Nigam. It was a delight to see the excitement with which children

challenged themselves to compete variety of races such as 🐰 Bunny race, 🐵 monkey race, 🐸 frog race, dress-up race, run race etc. The game organized for the parents was an impressive participation.

The long-awaited dance programme with the theme “Tiranga” in was a mesmerizing performance by our tiny tots dedicated to our nation on this REPUBLIC DAY.

Children performed March Past, the sports day opening dance. everyone.

The overall anchoring of the programme was done by our faculty member Miss Aayushi Bhati from the Montessori department.

 The teacher of the pre-primary department had put all their effort into making the programme a grand success. The programme closed with a Medal 🏅 distribution to the winners. A pleasing smile and contentment on the faces of kids and parents spoke volumes about the success of the Event.

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